Raimonda Klimašauskaitė


Experienced Manager, Business development professional, and Co-founder of the start-up company which has created and now developing it further two innovative products under the brand names SPYNDI and SPYNTEX.

Raimonda has built her career in a variety of managerial positions and industries, has been working for big retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service and healthcare companies. She has always been passionate about product development, start-ups, and challenges. Recently with her partners, she was running two successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and seeding the SPYNDI and SPYNTEX projects.

My Sessions

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding. How to prepare and start

Grand Hall

What you will get out of it: How to choose the right crowdfunding source for you. Rewards: what and why to offer? What is most important in the process of preparation to start the crowdfunding campaign. What are the pitfalls that nobody officially is talking about? Budgeting specifics and mistakes. All truth about Crowdfunding audience […]