Mindaugas Kriščiūnas

VP Business Strategy at Filippo Loreti


Mindaugas’ Current Roles:

– VP Business Strategy at Filippo Loreti – revolutionizing luxury watch space by offering affordable products.

– CEO and co-founder of XtGem – WordPress meets Tumblr in South East Asia – business is undergoing a sale at the moment.

Mindaugas Kriščiūnas has been working in the startup area for the last ten years (since not long after he graduated from high school). It all started with early stage business and product plans, delivering prototypes to customers and aiming to achieve sales. Getting to customer growth and scale is not something one can read about. That just works out automatically. Each product/service is unique and requires special tailoring for it to stick with the customer – only then one starts working on scale. Some of his products did not get to scale because he didn’t pay attention to what customers really engaged with.

He started four companies, all of which went to market to deliver the products/services to customers, (though not all of them survived). He is currently working on selling one of his businesses. Over the years he has worked with a number of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs in London, Singapore and San Francisco – people who were involved with companies like Airbnb, Uber, Tumblr, Facebook, to name a few. Sharing his business and product plans, objectives, collecting best practices and implementing that knowledge of his own projects, learning, adapting, and repeating this cycle all over again.

Mindaugas Kriščiūnas also participated full-time in two accelerators: The Difference Engine (batch 2), which was to his knowledge the first accelerator of this type in Europe; The Springboard London (which later became Techstars); and then unofficially Techstars London (batch 1) – tagging along to work on some of his business challenges.

Clearly communicating business objectives, goals and challenges is vital, both within the team and with external advisors, especially when you are doing things for the first time. His main expertise is quickly identifying challenges within business operations, be they technology or customer support, and finding the right people to solve them. This is the fastest, most efficient way to learn and grow, because when it comes down to scaling your business, you can never move too slowly – or faster competition will eat you alive.

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Discussion: How startups took part in the acceleration programme?

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The Session Moderator:  Ilja Laurs Discussants: Mindaugas Kriščiūnas participated twice in  Techstars Accelerator Tadas Deksnys participated in Alchemist Accelerator Aldas Juronis participated in HighTechXL

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