Jūratė Žuolytė

Editor of M360.lt


Jūratė Žuolytė, the editor of M360.lt, a specialized marketing and communication news website owned by DELFI – the main news website in Lithuania.

Jūratė Žuolytė has more than 10 years experience in journalism and public relations. For the last two years she has been focusing on the topics of marketing and communication which are essential concepts to be understood by everyone involved in any startup. Occasionally she also publishes articles on the topics of startups. She recognizes that, should those initiating startups understand how to present themselves and how to communicate better, she would be provided with more opportunities to talk about them. 

My Sessions

Workshop: Ways to Get PR for Your Startup

Amphitheatre Hall/ Workshops Area

Workshop Description Workshop: Ways to Get PR for Your Startup So you have a startup. You have this genius idea of a product that will be worth millions one day. But you have a problem: nobody knows about your genius idea. So you create a communication strategy which probably includes media coverage. This is more or less […]