Silicon Valley Startup Model Trainings Sessions:
  • IDEA:

    Trainer Povilas Valiauga
    Novel methods from STANFORD

  • TEAM:

    Trainer Rokas Tamošiūnas
    Cambridge Judge Business School


    Trainer Ilja Laurs
    Silicon Valley



Training description

The training session will aim to answer the questions of HOW to work with a startup idea and WHAT the most relevant tools and methodologies to support you on this journey are. We will go through the full cycle of working with an idea – from finding and building on it to validating and turning it into a startup or project.

What you will learn/get out of it:

This session will empower participants to create or identify radical new ideas, which may become opportunities, as well as challenge them to evaluate and tackle customer problems in unconventional and creative ways.

The speaker will introduce you to the most novel methodologies and tools for idea development, most of which have emerged from Stanford University, including:

  1. Effectuation
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Strategic Foresight and Innovation by Stanford University
  4. Lean Startup
  5. Service Design

After the session, participants will be equipped with a deep understanding of how to apply the methods in their own organizations, whether startup, larger company or student project.


Trainers_«_The_Grand_Founders_Day_–_Vilnius__2017 2

Training description

The training session will aim to enlighten participants as to WHAT a good, strong startup team comprises, WHERE to find suitable co-founders, HOW to motivate them, and HOW to set up intra-team relationships and manage conflict.

What you will learn/get out of it:

This session will enlighten participants on how to lead and build teams, to constructively contribute to intra-team strategy and avoid common team-building mistakes; what founders attract to the team – and how they do it; and how to govern intra-team setup and approach conflicts and team separation. The session will be structured as follows:

  1. Strong startup teams
  2. Leaders and leadership
  3. Building and attracting team members
  4. Intra-team management
  5. Dealing with conflicts and separation

All segments will be followed by a Q&A allowing for interaction and relevant learning.


Trainers_«_The_Grand_Founders_Day_–_Vilnius__2017 3

Training description

Fundraising is a way of gathering money from individuals, businesses or venture capital funds. It is widely associated with startups, as fundraising plays a key role in their growth and success. In this session, you will find out how to raise money for your startup. The training consists of two parts.

Fundraising Part I

The aim of the first session is to overview fundraising sources. We will look at AngelList, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding and ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Incubator and accelerator investment methods will be discussed too.

Fundraising Part II

During the second session, you will find out how to manage a conversation with investors and identify the potential sources that are the most relevant to your own startup or project. In this session, you will learn how to prepare an effective presentation and how to manage the project.

What you will learn/get out of it:

The two sessions will broaden your knowledge about fundraising. You will get better at two things: identifying the most relevant sources of fundraising and preparing for the fundraising process.